Training Options
Training/Workshop Recommendations
Royal Employer Services offers additional Supervisory tools, including a training package not limited to the following listed topics.

Stress Management
Controlling information overload, staying focused, Improving listening skills, utilizing stress relief tools.

Coping with Change
Recognizing the value of change. This is great for staff that has undergone restructuring, downsizing or new management.

Regaining traction during and after change, learning & growing through adversity, taking advantage of new opportunities. Reassessing goals and expectations.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace
Establishing a drug free workplace, Supervisor training on symptom recognition & policy. Employee education re policy and consequences. Where to get help….

Grief and Loss
Introduction to the grief process, doing grief work.

Sexual Harassment
Staff education regarding appropriate behavior of a sexual or gender based nature.. Instruction on behaviors and consequences. Liability and company policy instruction.

Staff education regarding appropriate behavior in changing times. Instruction on behaviors and consequences. Liability and company policy instruction.

Improving Communications
Conflict management, coping strategies.

Create an ability to work successfully with others, with the public, with difficult customers.

Team Building for Staff
Working together more effectively, sharing ideas and communicating. Reducing conflict. Working toward a common goal and fostering teamwork.

Four Supervisory Tools
When is coaching, corrective action, discipline or reasonable suspicion appropriate? It is more efficient to have your Supervisors on the same page with each of these tools.

Customer Service
Instruction regarding staff making the customer first. Basic tips and reminders. How attitude can make an easier workplace.

Financial, Budgeting Assistance
Finances during the Holiday Season (usually a lunch & learn topic).